Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Giving Lecture in Class (2)

Hari ni bersambung lagi presentation pasal Al-Biruni, the founder of comparative religion. Ina sambung present pasal the methodologies which has been used by Al-Biruni in studied other religion.

Banyak jugak soalan, tapi hari ni best sket sebab kelas nampak lebih happening dengan soalan-soalan dari student. Di sini ana nak kongsi tentang the differences between Muslim's methodologies and Western methodologies in study other religion

1) Islam or muslim scholars are strongly stress on the authenticity of the sources. meaning that, we must justify and verify any commentaries and criticism based on the evidence; the textual and the traditions, studies and researches or observation and reasoning. When we look in the muslim's historiography, we're really stress on the unbroken chain or the continuation of the sanad. So, nobody can created any new things. Meanwhile, comparedto the western methodologies, they're not really stress on the authenticity of the sources. Meaning that they're not stress on the continuation of the sources. For example in the process of writing Bible, there're so many new things created by the author infact there're many mistakes and argumentation of the words. When we look at the process, we found that a huge gap between the time og Christ and his disiples.

2) Muslim's methodologies are based on tje scientific and objective method, it means that when we study other religion we must let the religion speak on themselves. The study must based on the accurate data, using the primary sources (eye-witness). While the westerners claim it as a farce or just take for granted.

3) Muslim' scholars using the method of universalism in study other religion, meaning that muslim study in all aspect of religion with various type of perspectives and does not selecting only some part of the religion. In contrast, the westerners using the reductiveness method or reduce religion to the something else. They selective,restrictive and in accurate. They always looking in one particular aspect of the religion. for example; the sociology approaches who claim that the religion is the society,religion is mental phenomenon and not spiritual.

Therefore, to balance all these methods, we must use reason in order to make it reasonable and avoid bias in the study.

All the muslims methodologies above were used by Al-Biruni in his study and the comparison with the western methodologies has been quoted from Dr. Kamar Oniah's PhD thesis.

Hmm...ada banyak lagi slide yang belum disentuh termasuklah the contributions of Al-Biruni in comparative religion. Tapi insya'Allah semunya akan dihabiskan dalam minggu ni jugak...Rasa2nya masuk ni dalam mid term 2 minggu lagik.


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